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Brahma beer gets new design for Argentina

We normally do not cover graphic design on packages, instead focusing on structural and functional changes and innovation. However, we came across this interesting design from Pierini Partners. The design’s colorful approach inspired by the North East region of Argentina grabbed our attention and reminded us of good Brahma beer. Enjoy.

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Swagger’s different approach for shower gel package

We came across this interesting shower gel package design from Korean design firm Swagger that has an interesting twist. It is secondarily packaged in a recycled brown paper wrap. At the point-of-purchase (POP), this package will certainly stand out among thousands of glossy packages in this category.

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Heinz ketchup package is making waves

Heinz ketchup package is now becoming available You may remember our coverage last year for the new dip-and-squeeze Heinz package, which Heinz released on February 4th, 2010. The package is now starting to become available. On September 19th, The Wall Street Journal released a detailed account of how it was developed. It was also covered […]

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