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Ecologic, a sensible package

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative Our recent coverage of GreenBottle prompted a response from Ecologic Brands, a US based renewable / recyclable alternative package manufacturer with much wider deployment in the US and Canada. They have supplied us with samples for our evaluation. A Different Approach Unlike GreenBottle, the samples we received from Ecologic Brands do […]

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How it’s made: TetraPak carton packages

A video of TetraPak carton manufacturing from Discovery’s How Stuff Works. Enjoy. ©2012 All Rights Reserved.

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GreenBottle: innovation or bust?

Is a paper bottle finally ready for prime time? This is an idea that has been around for ages, though it has never had any traction. One of the main reasons for this is its recyclability claims tend to be optimistic at best, while being more on solid ground for renewability. Why is that?

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