Passion for Packaging Innovation

Outpresso, green convenience for Nespresso capsules

This new recycling aid, separates coffee grinds from aluminum Nespresso casing for easy recyclability. It clearly is trying to address an increasingly positive consumer attitude towards recycling.

Recycling is a lifestyle that is readily adopted by consumers, in many cases, only if it is convenient. The dedicated recycler may not need any encouragement, but today, they are still the minority. The prospective recyclers, instead, need to be lured to the “green” side by a convenient and sexy recycle aid, like this product.

Meliconi, a while back, introduced “Il Toglingombro”, its PET bottle crusher. While it is not a common household item yet, as best as we can gather, the product is still on the market. We expect its increased popularity over the coming years, especially in countries like Italy where bottled water in the home is very common.

We do like the Outpresso crusher, and we would love to assess its usability in the future.

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