Passion for Packaging Innovation

A new PET bottle concept

Popsop is running an article on a new, green Coke bottle concept by 18-year old designer Andrew Kim. We were intrigued by the design.

The design sports:

  • an off-center cap, that is smaller and shallower
  • pocket in recessed bottom to house the cap from the bottle below for distribution efficiency
  • a square cross-section
  • accordion collapsible
  • renewable material


  • Higher distribution efficiency through square cross-section plus the recessed bottom.
  • off-center cap may improve pourability
  • renewability


  • Can not make it work for high pressure applications, like Coke. Square cross-section and high-pressure fizzy drinks in the age of PET downgaging do not work. Square becomes mostly round under pressure. However, non-pressurized drinks (Fiji water is a great example) can be packed in square cross section bottles.
  • Recessed bottoms with pocket for the cap below can cause interlocking and neck damage on the bottle below.
  • Collapsibility is not possible as shown. This is why Evian spent millions of dollars, more than a decade ago, to make its bottles collapsible with special score patterns on them.
  • Shallow cap is an issue with pressurized packages, as there are safety issues. For non-pressure applications, leakage can be an issue, if there is an insufficient amount of threading on the cap. Shallow cap height is typically a huge package usability issue. They are difficult to open, especially as shown, without knurls.


We are sorry to rain on the young designer’s parade, but in order to design a good package, you first need to address fundamentals. This looks great as a first pass concept early in the second circle of the EthnoSync C●C™ Model that we use. At that phase, we normally do not worry about technical feasibility. Through reiterative improvements, many of the strong design elements can be used.

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