Passion for Packaging Innovation

Universal packaging system concept; innovation or bust?

Yanko Design (via Slashgear) is running an article on a universal packaging system. For us packaging professionals, the term universal packaging refers to packages that are usable by children as well as by reduced dexterity aging populations.

Ignoring semantics, let’s look at this concept, and see what it holds for us.

The concept is rather simple. You take a corrugate board, and crease it in a variety of patterns so that it can be wrapped around any random object like aluminum wrap.

Also, the cardboard can be used to make a your own box, at the size you want.

Will it Work?

The most important thing that a package needs to do is to protect its contents. When you crease a multitude of patterns on the packaging material, you are weakening the material so that you can bend it where you want to shape it.

The fundamental issue with creasing the board everywhere like this, is that you are weakening it everywhere, taking away its structural rigidity, therefore its ability to protect.

In essence, this is the opposite of consumer centric innovation, where you would start from true consumer needs, and not with a solution. We do feel that this is indeed a solution looking for a problem, but we are not sure what the problem is. In its quest to address this phantom problem, the solution itself creates a much bigger problem in protection.

For us this is a definite bust.

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