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Sensory appeal; Milkita candy package

In our article on 無糖珈琲 DyDo Black Coffee 190 ml, we covered association errors regarding shape and design of a package. In this article, we will look at Milkita Candies from Indonesia for similar association errors concerning other sensory appeal factors.

Matte Finish in the Candy Aisle

As we have established previously in our egg-crate death match article, matte finishes are often associated with wholesome products. Milk is indeed one of them. Milkita candies are made from milk, and at first sight, it may seem that this is a good application for a matte finish.

But also consider this:

  • Target audience: Candies often target children. The decision to buy or not to buy may be the parent’s, but the choice is often the child’s. It would not be news to state that children are more attracted to glossy and colorful finishes.
  • Bright Colors: Matte finishes conveying wholesomeness require restrained use of bright colors.
  • Association: Matte finishes may not associate well with bright colorful candies well.

An Important Inconsistency

In what we would consider an error, Milkita packed each individual candy in a glossy wrapper. This, in our opinion, contrasts in an unfavorable way with the matte finish of the package.

If the target consumer of the package and the target consumer of packets are different, then this could potentially make sense. For example, the package targets parents as decision makers with its matte finish leveraging its milk base as wholesomeness. The wrapper targets children with its gloss.

Even with this rather large stretch, the bright colors outside with the matte finish create a conflicting message without clear association. While the package stands out in the candy aisle as the lone package with matte finish, we are not convinced that this is a good execution.

Puzzler for the Reader

If matte finishes can conflict with glossy finishes and send the wrong sensory appeal message, then how come candy in a paper bag works? For the answer, scroll down.

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Answer to the puzzler: Authenticity through an anchor in tradition. Additionally, wide separation of strong colors and gloss from a paper bag that conveys wholesomeness through renewability, authenticity, and tradition.