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Stacked Wines portion four-pack

As reported by The Atlantic, Stacked Wines introduced a multi-pack of portion pack sized wines, packaged in a relatively new vertical-stack format.

The obvious novelty of this idea is its bottle-like format. Unfortunately, we do not find the package or its multi-pack design usable beyond its novelty.

On the sensory appeal front, while this package design certainly has more sensory appeal than wine packed in carton, box, or PET wine packaging, it is nowhere near Wine Innovations’ competing and very appealing single serve wine glass package.

The simplicity and the sensory appeal of the single serve wine glass package is really hard to top, and this stackable design in a four-pack simply is not the best challenger.

While the single serve wine glass package does not have the multi-pack execution that Stacked Wines has, we believe good design needs to start at the package level before it can be enhanced at the multi-pack level. And the single serve wine glass package certainly is well designed.

While we did not have the Stacked Wines package in our hands to test, it appears that the four-pack is held together with shrink-wrap. This is also a sensory-appeal no-no in the wine category, as far as we are concerned.

Opening an individual portion in its own glass should have reasonable usability, but it appears to be less usable than the single serve wine glass package which has a very large tab.


Portion sized wine package is an idea that has been around for a while. While there is not one single magic execution, we feel that packaging executions in this category need to address sensory-appeal properly for success. We do not see that in this design.

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