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Minimalist packaging: Bahlsen Hit cookies

There are a number of older and traditional cookie products on the market, like petit beurre, which are manufactured by a variety of brands and manufacturers. These are legacy products that have a loyal following, especially in Europe.

These products have been around for many decades. A good representative of this type of a cookie is Bahlsen Hit, which has been strongly branded in Europe. Bahlsen Hit has been around over two decades, and it has not seen a significant upgrade in packaging. Does the original packaging serves today’s needs?

Despite the cookie that is being packed gets easily crumbled, it is packed in rather thin film, with a corrugate around to prevent shipping and handling damage. Compared to other similar petit beurre products, which do not have additional corrugate protection, the corrugate is supposed to provide additional protection.


We tested a number of these packages and found many damaged cookies, especially towards either end of the tube. On the package usability front, the package, lacking any visual cues, or tabs, is difficult to open, especially for people who do not have long nails.

As you remove cookies from the package, it becomes progressively more difficult to reach and remove the cookies at the bottom, again, especially without long nails. The last couple of cookies are practically impossible to remove, without turning the package upside down, at the risk of dumping a host of crumbles. There are no reclosability features on the package, and it does not reclose well.


We do feel that unlike other similar products like Oreo cookies, this product and similar petit beurre style products from Europe are lagging far behind times when it comes to updated packaging. The packaging simply needs to be updated to better protect the cookies, and offer better usability.

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