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유기농장 Organic Farm Rice package, great sensory appeal

Sensory and Visual Appeal

Initially, we were positively impressed with the 유기농장 Organic Farm Rice stand-up pouch, especially considering how visual and sensory appeal elements are incorporated into this package. It looks great, feels great, and its matte finish perfectly matches the product’s organic image. (Simply, honest goodness can be conveyed with matte packaging real well for basic need foods.)

The package is nicely translucent throughout, incorporating a window in the back to see the product better.

Other Features

It has notched tear points on both sides providing opening cues. It has a zip-lock feature for reclosability. Since it is a stand-up pouch, it should stand up, which helps for storage, and perhaps even transportation.


Despite our great initial liking for the package, upon package usability testing, we did find a number of issues. Openability was really the show-stopper for us. The material that is used does not want to tear in the direction of opening.

Also, we noticed that the lot number print is on the piece that is thrown away after opening. In case there is a safety issue with the food, once it is opened and the piece is discarded, there is no way to identify the lot. With seemingly increasing food recalls, this can be an issue.

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This package initially looked near perfect for its purpose. However, when we tried it out, we discovered it has openability issues, and does not stand-up well. Also, closing needs improvement.

During dispensing, several pieces fell off the target. In summary, there are efficiency and effectiveness issues with the usability of this package. On the positive side, attractiveness is real high.

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