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Shoebox takes three years to design

Fast Company via Gizmodo is reporting that Yves Béhar spent three years designing a new shoebox. That claim certainly grabbed our attention as we are big proponents of swift package design projects that usually don’t take longer than six months. Despite our initial reaction, upon closer inspection, we found a lot to like.

Package Usability Assessment

Since we have not been able to put our hands on the package yet, we did a quick heuristic assessment, with results as follows:

Our Panel: Your Rating:
Opening Star
Accessing Star
Closing Star
Handling Star
Overall Star
[starratingmulti id=8 tpl=12]


  • Minimalistic
  • Good mix of recyclable and renewable materials
  • Easy to carry with a handle
  • Easy to store (collapsible)
  • Bag reusable beyond initial use
  • Easily scalable
  • As good, if not better distribution efficiency in comparison to regular shoebox


  • May not protect as well as a regular shoebox in distribution


While we were floored by the claim that this package took three years to develop, we like it a lot. It is simple, functional, environmentally friendly, and it is a gift that keeps on giving once its primary use is over.

Package usability looks great, with good efficiency, effectiveness, and attractiveness potential. Also, it is a great branding canvas that keeps the brand visible for the duration as the bag is reused. This is consumer centric package innovation at its best. Kudos to Yves Béhar and Puma!

Also important to note here that this approach would have great applications in multi-packs for items ranging from yogurt to beer. We can already visualize a great 6-pack for beer.

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