Passion for Packaging Innovation


Through our network of Packaging Professionals, does provide a multitude of services:

  • Usability measurement of packages using our propriety usability metrics against a benchmark of your choice.
  • Design services for designing consumer centric packages.
  • Ethnographic consumer research services. [We have experience in conducting ethnographic research in many countries.]
  • Package prototyping [We have experience in delivering over ~10,000 prototypes a year.]
  • Consumer validation of concepts using our methods that are a mix between quant and qual testing. [Best of both worlds.]
  • Package innovation and tools using EthnoSync Innovation tools that are proven in tens of package innovation projects.

We are able to deliver these services globally, with a footprint in the USA, Europe (Italy, Sweden, UK), and in Asia. We have conducted studies not only in the developed world including many European countries as well the USA, but also in the developing world, i.e. India and China.

We are here to address your packaging innovation needs. Give us a call at:


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