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Coca-Cola’s offensive bottle cap

As reported by ABC News and Metro Calgary, the Loates family in Alberta, Canada, purchased a bottle of Vitaminwater recently only to find under the cap the words “YOU RETARD.” To make matters worse, a member of the Loates family has cerebral palsy and autism. Coca-Cola has since apologized for the mishap. We have spoken to the […]

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A new PET bottle concept

Popsop is running an article on a new, green Coke bottle concept by 18-year old designer Andrew Kim. We were intrigued by the design. The design sports: an off-center cap, that is smaller and shallower pocket in recessed bottom to house the cap from the bottle below for distribution efficiency a square cross-section accordion collapsible […]

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Coke is getting serious about renewability

Two of the most important emerging factors in the package world over the last decade are recyclability and renewability. For many consumers, the difference between the two has not been clear, and continues to blur as new technologies emerge. Recyclability is what is taking place today with trillions of PET bottles that are produced every […]

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