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Tropicana, HDPE 2.78 qt. (2.63 lt.) with a resealable flip-cap

Tropicana offers its products in a variety of package formats around the world. Here in the US, larger packages with handles are quite prevalent in the market. Between the ½ gallon and one gallon sizes, Tropicana has this oddly sized HDPE package. Apart from its odd capacity, there is nothing unusual about the package. The […]

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Family Packs: reclosability vs. resealability

Most of the screwcaps on the market are resealable. So when you tighten the cap, and leave the package lying on its side, the cap will not leak over an extended period of time. However, there are a number of openings on packages, flip-caps being one of the most prominent, that are not resealable. They […]

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