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Walmart milk jug is still one of the worst designs

Shown here in its Kirkland branded Costco version, but introduced by Walmart in 2008, this redesigned gallon sized milk jug remains as one of the worst examples of packaging design. The reasons that made this package so bad four years ago are still very valid. A Bit of History The original gallon sized milk jug […]

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Al Rawabi (Dubai) milk package by Packlab Partners

We have come across a new milk bottle design for Al Rawabi, by Packlab Partners. [Thanks to Kristina /] This design, while touching many aspects of good package design, highlights the creative tension between good design, and good usability. Initial Observations We assume that this is an HDPE package. There is a built-in handle […]

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Horizon Half-Gallon Milk Carton Usability Assessment

½-Gallon Milk Carton Benchmark We are going to be venturing into assessing a number of carton package products on the market soon, and we wanted to establish our benchmark first. We do believe that gable-top packages are indeed the benchmark for carton family-packs on the market, which typically pack milk and juice. One of the […]

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