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ビタミンレモン C1000 Vitamin Lemon 180g Pouch

Pouches and stand-up pouches are very prevalent in Asia. While the C1000 Vitamin Lemon from House Wellness is lacking the bottom panel to make it truly a stand-up pouch by definition, the jello-like product inside provides sufficient rigidity for the package to stand up.

Initial Impressions

The pouch is coupled with a small closure, with provides means to suck the product out of the package. The inside diameter (ID) of the closure is ∅9mm, and the outside diameter (OD) is ∅11mm. Such a small closure, though appropriate for a small pouch, is still difficult for adults to use, especially for jello-like products with higher viscosity.

The package is produced with great attention to detail, and appears robust. The multi-layered packaging material has a very glossy finish properly matching the product packed.

As in many Asian cultures, in Japan, white is associated with hygiene, and therefore is the default choice for closures. Add-on white necks on PET bottles are common in Asia, despite being hardly seen in western cultures.

Package Usability

The cap is rather small for adult hands to open. In order to ease opening, there is a heavy knurl pattern outside of the cap. As a result, the package opens without much difficulty.

Closing the cap is also quick and error free, with a proper thread. The opening has a traditional tamper ring. All-in-all, this is a high efficiency and effectiveness closure for opening and closing.

Product access, however, is somewhat hampered by a small opening and high viscosity product. This package does not match the product well.


This is a well designed package that has great functionality, despite having some minor issues, and a questionable product match.

It has good visual appeal, and it is robust.

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