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ファイブミニ Fibe-Mini 100 ml (pull-tab)

Pull-tab bottle openings have been around for a long time. We see them making an occasional resurgence, showing up on unusual applications like beer bottles. Just a few years back, Tuborg was pitching this type of opening as a cool innovation in the European beer market.

The application of a pull-tab opening on Otsuka’s 100 ml micro-portion ファイブミニ Fibe-Mini is worthy of a look.

While there are many varieties of odd combinations of opening technologies and bottle formats in the Japanese market, we found out that this particular execution works, and works well.

First Impressions

As is typical with Japanese packages, the execution is flawless with tremendous attention to detail.

Due to its small size, the package has little branding canvas. Nevertheless, it stands out at the point-of-purchase (POP).

Package Usability

As with all micro-portion packages targeting adults, the package is too small to hold in adult hands. Drinking is also uncomfortable due to the smaller package size. The opening is not reclosable, and does not need to be due to the size of the portion.


In other markets such as Hong Kong, Otsuka sells this product with screw caps. However, we find this opening and package combination as a good fit, and we do not believe reclosability adds any consumer value to the package.

In general, the package works well for the application. It has a nice lip contact area, and displays selective application of texture matching its positioning. While the package is too small for adult hands, we associate that with the portion size, and not with package design.

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