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Sprite 250 ml aluminum bottle

With a variety of different aluminum bottles arriving in the market, we decided to look at Sprite’s 250 ml aluminum bottle.

Initial Impressions

This package looks cool, which is why it exists, namely to target younger demographics. However, the poor usability of small and micro portion sizes is a disadvantage. In addition, the higher use of materials in respect to the amount of product packed and the cost of the package form rather large obstacles.

Smaller package sizes, driven by a desire to reduce calorie count, create issues for packaging. Smaller packages are more difficult to handle in adult hands, and they are also more difficult to open and reclose. In addition, drinking from smaller openings forces adults to suck the product from the opening, rather than sip or pour into the mouth, and that is one of the most important issues that make smaller packages unsuitable for adults.

All of these issues were apparent when we tested the package.

Aluminum Can vs. Bottle

Aluminum cans, aside from being cool packages (largely attributable to the opening crack), are notoriously poor in usability. They also are not reclosable and they do not pour well. The lip contact area is anything but suitable for lip contact. In comparison to aluminum cans, this aluminum bottle provides better usability in almost all areas. While it did not open easily, it pours better, and it recloses. It has a well defined and rounded lip contact area. As a drink-from package, it does better than an aluminum can.

An Overbuilt Package

This is an expensive package, due to its limited capacity and high use of aluminum, which has a big energy footprint. Surprisingly, the package also has a plastic neck to provide screw threads. This plastic part not only creates issues in the recycle stream, but also increases the cost.

Drink-From, or Pour-From

This is an on-the-go portion pack. Typically, it is used to drink-from. However, like the can format that it replaces, this package is intended to be used as both.


In respect to aluminum cans, this aluminum bottle has better usability. That, however, is hardly surprising. We have selected the PET bottle as a benchmark for a more reasonable assessment.

The increased cost and higher use of materials are significant disadvantages for a package of this size.

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