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Dean’s milk ½ pint (236 ml) portion pack

What Does it Take to Design a Great Portion Pack?

Apparently, it takes a milk company, and not a packaging giant. One of the best portion pack executions out there there is by the largest U.S. milk company, Dean Foods.

Package Usability Rules!

What’s there not to like? An easy to handle form which fits in the hand nicely with beautiful and functional form. Larger bottom prevents tipping and spillage. In case you were to pour milk out of this on-the-go portion pack, there is no gulping whatsoever, thanks to its large opening and neck dimensions.

But wait, there is more. The generous opening size and a thoughtfully designed lip area shows the attention to detail that went into this package for sensory appeal.

The designers did not stop there either, when they designed the cap, they made sure that cap usability was there as well with a maximized grip diameter. As a result, this package is easily openable by children, adults, and even by aging populations with deteriorating dexterity.

Tamper Evidence

The cap on this package has a built-in tamper ring which makes this package a one-step opening requiring only a single action to open.

Lip Contact

This package has a large opening with a well defined rounded lip-contact area. This is a great sensory-appeal feature that makes the package a better drink-from package.


The package offers excellent reclosability and resealability despite being a smaller portion size. It has the right number of turns to reseal as too few or too many turns both would leave the consumer with questionable assurance that the resealing is complete.


  • Excellent in hand.
  • Great openability.
  • Nice lip contact.
  • Appealing large opening design.
  • Great form.
  • One-step opening.


  • None.


We can go on and on about this package, but we seriously cannot find anything we do not like, and everything we see is exactly what it should be. This is a great package design from all aspects. We would like to see more of this kind of consumer-centric package design.

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