Passion for Packaging Innovation

Simple is usable (and beautiful)

Sometimes, with all the branding bells and whistles companies put on their products, the purpose and the need for good packaging get lost. When we noticed American Airlines salt and pepper package used in their first- and business-class cabin, we were positively surprised. It is a beautiful and simple package that deserves a mention here. Sometimes, simple things are all we need.

Yeah But..

Sure, this is not a package designed to be sold at retail. Additionally, American Airlines is not a salt company and it is not trying to sell you anything in this case other than passenger satisfaction. This is all true. However, it also makes a case point that branding and retail pressures such as shelf presence drive some of the poor packaging decisions that we see everyday.

It is ironic that once branding and retail pressures are removed, good packaging is so much easier to get.

Note: The manufacturer for this salt and pepper package is Tradex. You can find their salt and pepper product line here.

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