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Single serving wine glass package

Gizmodo reports a new glass shaped wine package by Wine Innovations via CrunchGear.

First Impression

This is indeed a consumer centric innovation. It is significantly superior to drinking wine from carton containers offered in some countries.

Any Cons?

Wine being an alcoholic beverage, there is little concern regarding the asepticity of the product. Regarding the oxygen transfer rate through the foil, seal, and the body of the package, the package is suboptimal. However, as we covered in our article about cork, controlled oxygen transmission is considered a plus for wine. Therefore the package and the product match well.

There is a passing concern regarding distribution efficiency. However, this is indeed a portion pack for a high value added product. As a result, we do not view distribution efficiency as a con for this package.

From a branding point-of-view, there is limited space on the foil, which can be addressed at a multi-pack level.

Sensory Appeal

Being a close imitation for a wine glass, the package works on every front. Style, design, authenticity, and transparency are all present.

Package Usability

A clearly designed tab brings good efficiency to the package by making opening easy. The head space left at the top insures that spilling, if any, is unlikely, which contributes to higher effectiveness. The package also has a high attractiveness due to its sensory appeal. All around, a great package.

Environmental Friendliness

The package is made from recyclable plastic except for the cover, which we assume is made of aluminum, which is also recyclable.


Great design and usability. Kudos to Wine Innovations.

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