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Heinz ketchup package is making waves

Heinz ketchup package is now becoming available

You may remember our coverage last year for the new dip-and-squeeze Heinz package, which Heinz released on February 4th, 2010. The package is now starting to become available.

On September 19th, The Wall Street Journal released a detailed account of how it was developed. It was also covered by Brian Williams during the NBC evening news on September 20, 2011. Somewhat unusual for packaging.

We are not surprised that Heinz developed the package through a consumer centric innovation process that involved observing consumers while they were interacting with the package. We have long promoted this approach here, and we applaud Heinz for its approach.

It had previously been reported by Associated Press / Chicago Tribune that Heinz had purchased an old van to provide on-the-go inspiration to its designers. With the newly emerging details, it appears that it was observation room work, the kind that we have been championing here.

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