Passion for Packaging Innovation

Swagger’s different approach for shower gel package

We came across this interesting shower gel package design from Korean design firm Swagger that has an interesting twist. It is secondarily packaged in a recycled brown paper wrap. At the point-of-purchase (POP), this package will certainly stand out among thousands of glossy packages in this category.

From a usability standpoint, however, we think that this may be marginally better than a cardboard secondary package. Shower gels, in general, do not come in a secondary package. [We did not have a package to conduct our package usability test suite.]

Additionally, the sensory appeal benefits of a natural and matte finish conveying wholesomeness is probably lost in this product category. We believe that while the wrap adds POP benefits in standing out in the shower gel aisle, there seems to be limited additional branding or consumer benefits.

Regardless, we applaud Swagger for exploring an interesting area.

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