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Package Repurpose Ideas II

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Following our previous article about package repurposing, here are some additional ideas. Check these out.

The hygienna creates a portable bidet out of PET bottles, and is available in teal or pink for $9.99.

Similar to using a beer can as we covered in our our previous article, there is the idea about using an empty coffee can as a wifi antenna.

Self-watering plants using a PET bottle is a novel idea that is certainly worth the effort. Not only this idea repurposes a PET bottle, it also solves an age old problem in a very neat way. An alternate approach for a PET bottle repurposed for irrigation is shown here.

We have seen recycling packages for art previously, but building a colorful carport roof out of PET bottles is a new idea.

Then there is the safety glasses from a PET bottle.

And finally, there is the toothpaste dispenser made out of a hand-soap dispenser.

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