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Oreo package establishes a new benchmark

In our previous article, Minimalist packaging: Bahlsen Hit cookies, we evaluated a traditional petit beurre package that had not kept up with the times.

Today, we ran a similar package usability analysis on the current Oreo cookie package in the US market. The results are drastically different. The Oreo package not only surpasses Bahlsen type packages, it establishes a new benchmark in package usability for its category.


The package has a clearly marked tab that lends itself to a good grip. It is immediately obvious how to open the package; it posseses a clear mental model.

Opening the package, however, required a significant effort. After the opening, the resealable surface tends to get tangled up. But past these initial hurdles, the package is a joy to use.

It reseals, which is something the Bahlsen package (packing a similar cookie) did not accomplish. The seal itself closes reassuringly, and maintains its seal well during use. Cookies are placed in a clear vacuum formed tray which provides affordance for easy access.

A unique and novel feature of the package provides clear evidence of tampering.


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The visual appeal of the package, specifically the gloss of the package, causes an undesirable contrast with the matte appearance of the cookie itself. A duller finish may enhance the visual appeal of the package.

The tray inside, while providing great usability, takes away from the perception of environmental friendliness, as well as the distribution efficiency of the package. We do feel that this is a balanced compromise.

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